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"The business cards arrived today. They are awesome and my logo is beautiful! The blue is even nicer than on the screen….I am proud to be handing them out."

- Jade Serene, Owner, White Glove Cleaning Services

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Our services often begin with the corporate identity design or rebranding of your company. Stationery and collateral along with a branded website can then follow. Your website can be designed and developed as well as hosted by Nailing It. We also print your material and delivered to your door.

Once you have a new brand for your business and have your logo and stationery then you may want to consider using the same style within your internal and/or external publications such as corporate brochures, presentations, catalogs and other print material.

Pre-established businesses who are happy with their logo but are interested in a new look for their existing collateral can also use our services.

We have a great deal of experience designing for existing businesses while adhering to their current branding guidelines as well as creating the guidelines for new businesses starting up. With our experience and training, you also gain from our knowledge of over 25 years of work in this exciting industry. We know how to maintain a consistent identity throughout the design material and know how to compliment your company logo with all other visual media.

Logo Design

We create clean, simple, professional logos. We use our experience and your vision to create an effective corporate logo that's the basis of the branding for your business.

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words, and that is definitely true when it comes to logo design. A logo is the face of your business. A memorable logo is always a plus and a well-thought out logo design can effectively make an impression on your audience and communicate the essence, character and purpose of your company and its product or service.

Graphic Design Services

— Logo design & corporate identity
— Stationery and collateral
— Brochures and flyers
— Signage
— Press and magazine advertisements
— Artwork submission to publications
— Packaging and labeling
— Printed newsletters
— HTML e-mail newsletters
— E-mail stationery templates
— And much more


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